Ann-Marie R

“My son, who is high functioning Autistic has been seeing Dr. Nicole Rotondi for Acupressure Wellness services for over 10 years. We first started going to Dr. Nicole, when my son was 7 and he is now 19. She has done wonders for his Anxiety, Sleep Pattern, behavior issues, and so much more. He has been on maintenance for 4 years. Over the past few months, he has been having issues in school, and Dr. Nicole always said that if he ever has problems, just call the office, and we will get you an appointment, and that is what I did, and they scheduled an appointment for him. He is doing wonderful in school and loves going for his treatments. He has developed a great relationship with Dr. Nicole and her staff. He feels very comfortable going to the office. Her staff is very polite and accommodating. I highly recommend Dr. Nicole.”

– Ann-Marie R

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