Carl S

“I’m a male 62 years young, fairly active and in healthy shape most of my life. About 10 months ago I developed a pinched nerve in my lower back After moving to a new home. The pain went from my back to my knee, just along the I/T band. THE worst pain i ever encounterd in my life. I seeked help with orthopedic doctors, pain management chiropractor, (three different ones), massage therapy and Chinese accupuncture. Nothing worked, not even pain meds. I was put on a max dose of gabapentin which made me cloudy and tired. Finally I said let me go to AWS, Nicole and the gang treated my wife for pain when she had pancreatic cancer and they did a great job then. Well here we are about 4 months in, going about twice a week. I started feeling some relief about in about 6 weeks. I’m now pain free and traveling and doing all the things I want to do. I’m careful and continue to go to AWS. No drugs… No surgery… and by the way Chinese accupuncture is not the same as what is being done at AWS all said THEY ARE THE BEST – THANK YOU especially to Jen for the effort of figuring this out.”

– Carl S

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