Daniella F

“I have been getting treated for almost 4 years now; it started with terrible Gl issues. For years, I was going to different doctors who couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and it seemed like the only option was to be on medication for the rest of my life. I just wanted to be the typical 20-something year old, but it was so difficult to be “normal.” Everything I ate would make me nauseous, and for a while, to the point of vomiting. I would get shooting pains in my stomach that would cause me to break out into sweats, which would create terrible anxiety. I felt like I had no hope, no options, no one who truly wanted to get to the root cause of my symptoms… Then I started working at Acupuncture Wellness Services. When I finally brought my concerns to Dr. Rotondi, she was confident she can help me. I finally felt heard. With the help of the amazing acupuncture team, I can pretty much enjoy any food I want, I don’t get shooting pains, and my anxiety is little to none. The level of care that I see Dr. Rotondi, Jenn, and Kristen providing to their patients everyday is outstanding… they truly want to help every single patient reach and surpass their wellness goals!”

– Daniella F

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