“While it’s seems corny to write that Acupunture with Nicole Rotondi has saved my life, it is the truth. Time & again Nicole has listened & discovered the illness, food allergy or other factor damaging my well-being. She has had an incredible impact on my & my family’s health. For years I went to doctors who were unable to find the cause of my chronic pain, fatigue & rashes. There were times when the implication was that my ailments were simply caused by stress & anxiety. Nicole not only was able to heal me but was able to validate my concerns. There was a true reason behind my illness & there was a way to heal me. Nicole treats my husband as well as our young son. Nicole exudes kindness & patience & this allows my son a tremendous level of comfort. He loves going to Acupunture. He sees his treatment as a treat & a benefit. He is confident that Miss Nicole can fix him!

Nicole is our special everything. She gives us our health & peace of mind. Thank you for the incredible care you give my family! We love you!💛💙💚”

– D M

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