Jenn L

“There is so much to share 5 stars is not enough. Theres lots of miracles that happen in this office and i know because im one of them. I went from a patient to now a practitioner. Acupuncture has saved my life i suffered with asthma and horrible allergies my entire life. I truly thought this is how i would live forever feeling sick. I am now free i am free from illness and can enjoy my life and be outside again and not live in a bubble. Acupuncture has helped me for over 20 years with asthma, allergies, pain , surgeries ,stress , sleep immune system , emotions, and overall wellness.. It even helped me with a rare genetic disorder called acromegaly which has no cure just surgeries and medication . Today i am the most successful patient ever with acromegaly thanks to acupuncture. Its not just acupuncture its wellness it gave me my life back, and help me conquer many things. That is why im so proud today to be a practitioner. I have the best job in the world.”

– Jenn L

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