“Nicole Rotondi has completely changed my life. I spent years struggling every single day with a swollen face and severe allergies. I used to wake up hours before work and school with icepacks on my face for any relief I could get. I have been to every specialist and every type of doctor looking for anyone to relieve me of this chronic inflammation. I was given traditional allergy blood testing where only a couple allergens came up positive. I was also put on every type of antibiotic and steroid as it felt like this inflammation would never end. I spent another year or so struggling to avoid these allergens, which was just impossible. After years of medications, I ended up becoming allergic to these drugs. My mom came across NAET and the healing benefits of acupuncture. I will say that I was skeptical of how acupuncture could cure me from this pain. As soon as Nicole walked into the room, I never felt more comfortable. Nicole took her time listening to me and asking me about my full medical history. Nicole’s confidence in curing this inflammation gave me hope. Nicole is extremely knowledgeable in this field and reminded me to be patient. Nicole cured me. NAET worked for me and it WILL work for you. I can now say that I no longer suffer from any of that terrible inflammation and pain that caused me to miss numerous days of school and work. I tell everyone I can who suffers from any type of medical condition to have at least one visit with Nicole. Nicole changed my life and I can not thank her enough. Nicole has inspired me to study towards a career in acupuncture and oriental medicine. THANK YOU NICOLE.”

– Jessica P

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