Liana M

“My family and I have been seeing Dr. Nicole Rotondi for wellness services for almost 15 years. I first starting see Dr. Nicole to address major GI issues – I had been suffering with ulcerative colitis for over ten years. After the birth of one of my daughters I could barely leave my house it was so bad. The medication I was on did little to help, and created other symptoms for me. I started to get treated for the basics by Dr. Nicole and in a relatively short period of time was free and clear of ulcerative colitis symptoms (and medication free too). I also brought (and still bring) my kids there for treatment of various conditions like acid reflux, seasonal allergies, and anxiety. Acupuncture Wellness has become our first stop now for any health issue given the tremendous success in healing we have all received. Dr. Nicole is the most experienced practitioner and an expert in this field, and has a great bedside manner (with kids and adults). The other acupuncturist there, Kristine and Jenn are amazing too, and they have the best staff you could ever imagine – all knowledgeable, helpful, and full of positive energy. The office is one of the nicest, always clean and welcoming, honestly I feel like I am at a wellness spa it is so nice! If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would!!!”

– Liana M

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