Mia M

“About three years ago I had an awful fall off a horse and sprained my ankle so bad the orthopedist told me it was “the worst bruising she’d ever seen on an ankle that wasn’t broken”. Needless to say this injury has left lasting damage on my ankle, knee, and leg so much to the point I wasn’t able to ride my horse without excruciating pain even with an ankle brace. I was constantly complaining to my coaches and friends about the pain while riding and even just on foot. I originally thought this office was only going to help me with my awful allergies but when I realized they could help my ankle pain as well I wanted to jump right in. Jen and Kristen brought me from not being able to walk like a normal person in the winter months, to riding my horse with no ankle brace and no pain! I have always felt so comfortable visiting the office and it also helps that Sunny and Daniella always brighten my day when I walk in and see them at the desk. The staff is so caring about every clients needs and go above and beyond for them. If you are looking for a treatment plan for an injury, allergy, or other problem I couldn’t recommend any other place. This group of people are truly the best of the best!”

– Mia M

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