“Nicole Rotondi is an amazing person. She is a true professional and an outstanding acupuncturist. She truly cares about each and every person she helps. We were referred to Nicole after my daughter went through years of treatment for infections and suffered from severe allergies. Her symptoms were debilitating, painful and getting worse each day.

From our first day in her office Nicole listened, analyzed and explained what might be going on with my daughter and how she can treat her. Nicole was always positive, encouraging and compassionate. She explained everything to us down to the tiniest detail. Her knowledge of the treatment path she chose for my daughter was unbelievable. Nicole figured out what my daughter was experiencing and why. She connected with my daughter on a level that helped us understand the process throughout her treatments. After a few months, my daughter’s immune system improved and soon after that she started to get amazing results. Nicole was able to pinpoint exactly what was causing these awful debilitating symptoms. Nicole was able to help my daughter when other doctors and specialists could not! Thank you Nicole from the bottom of my heart. There is no doubt in my mind that finding Nicole was miraculous and a blessing for my daughter and our family. We all have been treated by Nicole and would recommend her to everyone! Nicole is a very special, beautiful person. Thank you Nicole for all you do and for being you.”

– Ronni G

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