Sungeethah S

“Before working at Acupuncture Wellness Services I had extreme anxiety and didn’t really know how to pace myself. After seeing so many patients come and get a treatment they all just seemed so relaxed and content with their visit. I didn’t really know much about acupuncture and the benefits it had towards one’s health but I was eager to try it out. After my first few treatments I was able to notice the difference with my anxiety and overall well-being. Working here allowed me to see the impact that acupuncture had on many people and the greater benefits it had towards one’s health. I’ve seen patients come in for medical issues I didn’t even know existed and that’s when I knew how experienced and advanced our team of practitioners were and the work they do. Our team of acupuncturists truly are specialized in treating everything and display tremendous care in each and every one of our patients. If you’ve never tried acupuncture before or are hesitant in trying it I truly do recommend it!”

– Sungeethah S

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