Theresa W

“I was going on three years of jaw pain from TMJ when I found Acupuncture Wellness Services. Dr. Nicole and the whole staff welcomed me so warmly and demonstrated genuine interest in my pain management and treatment. Acupuncturist Jennifer Leupold has been an incredible resource for me as she has experienced jaw pain and surgery herself, so she understood what I was going through and was able to help in a way no one else could. Jenn offered the only effective pain management before and after my recent surgery. I couldn’t recommend this practice enough – especially for those struggling with TMJ. Jenn didn’t always have to needle my face to achieve pain relief so if anyone is worried about that – don’t be! They find unique ways to treat pain both in and out of the office, offering a wholistic treatment plan including reviewing lifestyles changes (in my case- avoiding drinking out of straws or hinging my jaw open). The best staff and treatment around!”

– Theresa W

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