“It took me so long to write this review because I wanted to make sure that I conveyed how life saving this treatment was for me. Nicole is the kindest, most professional and honest person. She takes her time to review your history and so far has always come up with the correct diagnosis and treatment for me, my daughters (age 4 and 6) and multiple people whom I have sent her way.

The office in St James is very clean and relaxing. I started working with Nicole over 4 years ago and I wish we had met sooner. I am a trained OB/GYN and I had to leave my career behind due to latex allergy. Clearly I am a believer of medicine but my allergies overall (aside from latex) were so severe that there was no help besides NAET and acupuncture, or drugs like steroids. Although it is outside the comfort zone for some and certainly a financial burden, there is no price tag for health. Over many treatments I discovered the level of inflammation that was in my body and we cleared many things that were affecting my system (such as foods and environmental).

Now I go back for an occasional visit as needed but I do miss seeing Nicole regularly. She became a good friend through the process. As far as my daughters are concerned, only acupressure is done for children, so it is a relaxing time for them and they LOVE going to Dr. Nicole too. Please don’t hesitate if you are considering making an appointment. You will only regret not going sooner.”

– Yamit M

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