Male Infertility

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Infertility can come from the female, male, or both parties. There are many causes for infertility, and sometimes, no cause is found. The most common cause of male infertility is low or abnormal sperm production, anatomical abnormalities, blockage in ducts, low testosterone, genetics, or testicular trauma. There are many risk factors including age, tobacco use, alcohol and drug use, exposure to environmental or industrial toxins, and weight.

For men, symptoms may include issues with sexual function, difficulty with ejaculation or small amounts of fluid, reduced sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, a lower-than-normal sperm count, pain or swelling in the testicle area, recurrent respiratory infections, decreased facial or body hair or other signs of hormonal abnormality. Our treatments can work alongside with western medicine to balance your entire body and help you reach your goals.

At Acupuncture Wellness Services, we use a combination of modalities and techniques to regulate the flow of energy in the body to achieve outstanding results.  The extensive training and experience of our practitioners enables them to successfully blend time-tested and ancient treatment protocols with modern and sophisticated therapies.  One of the greatest benefits of our procedure is the ability to detect and correct energetic sensitivities to foods and the environment that might be creating symptoms in your body.  Each patient is treated individually, and so the combination of techniques is determined at the time of evaluation.  Our treatments integrate well with western medicine, chiropractic, massage therapy, occupational therapy, dental work and nutritional healing.

Google Reviews

5 Star Google Reviews

“I will be brief… I had a low sperm count and with acupuncture and some minor lifestyle adjustments advised by Nicole, my count dramatically increased.”

- Mo M

Google Reviews

5 Star Google Reviews

“My wife and I were struggling with infertility. She started treatment for her hormones and I went for stress. I feel much more relaxed and definitely think the treatments are helping us both.”

- Steve P