Ankle Pain

You don’t necessarily have to live with pain.

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Depending on the cause, you may feel pain or stiffness anywhere around the ankle. Ankle pain can root from a variety of reasons and can have causes that aren't due to underlying disease. Examples include poorly fitting footwear, sprains, strains, overuse, lack of use, or trauma. Injury to any of the ankle bones, ligaments or tendons and several types of arthritis can cause ankle pain. A few common causes or conditions of ankle pain include Achilles tendinitis, Achilles tendon rupture, Bursitis, Gout, Osteoarthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sprained ankle, etc.

A few symptoms of ankle pain include, but are not limited to, pain, swelling, bruising, pain in ankle, heel, discomfort in the calf, redness, swelling and dull aching pain. With our acupuncture treatments, we relax the nervous system while improving energy and blood flow.

At Acupuncture Wellness Services, we use a combination of modalities and techniques to regulate the flow of energy in the body to achieve outstanding results.  The extensive training and experience of our practitioners enables them to successfully blend time-tested and ancient treatment protocols with modern and sophisticated therapies.  One of the greatest benefits of our procedure is the ability to detect and correct energetic sensitivities to foods and the environment that might be creating symptoms in your body.  Each patient is treated individually, and so the combination of techniques is determined at the time of evaluation.  Our treatments integrate well with western medicine, chiropractic, massage therapy, occupational therapy, dental work and nutritional healing.

Google Reviews

5 Star Google Reviews

“I had an awful fall off a horse and sprained my ankle so bad the orthopedist told me it was ‘the worst bruising she’d ever seen on an ankle that wasn’t broken’. Needless to say this injury has left lasting damage on my ankle, knee, and leg … Jenn and Kristen brought me from not being able to walk like a normal person in the winter months, to riding my horse with no ankle brace and no pain!”

- Mia M

Google Reviews

5 Star Google Reviews

“My boss suggested that I come to Acupuncture Wellness Services. I had severe ankle sprains, collapsed arches, and torn ligaments. My podiatrist had exhausted all options and wanted to go through surgery. I could barely make it through my workday, I had to wear compression socks to help with swelling. I constantly came to acupuncture, and after about 8 treatments, I had 60% less pain. I returned to my doctor and no longer needed surgery. I continued acupuncture after that and was finally able to walk around for more than 5 minutes and return to light exercise.”

- Jen T