Back Pain

You don’t necessarily have to live with pain.

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Back pain may be caused by muscle or ligament strain. Heavy lifting or sudden awkward movements can also strain back muscles and spinal ligaments. Pain in the back may also be caused by bulging or ruptured discs. Discs act as cushions between bones in your spine. As we age, the discs lose height and fluid.

Symptoms may include back pain that worsens with movement, spasms in the back muscles, weakness and numbness in the legs, knees, and ankles, decreased bladder and bowel control, difficulty walking, sciatica, and reduced coordination. The spine is connected to your central nervous system and your immune system. With our acupuncture treatments, we relax the nervous system, nourish hormones, balance emotions, along with improving energy and blood flow.

At Acupuncture Wellness Services, we use a combination of modalities and techniques to regulate the flow of energy in the body to achieve outstanding results.  The extensive training and experience of our practitioners enables them to successfully blend time-tested and ancient treatment protocols with modern and sophisticated therapies.  One of the greatest benefits of our procedure is the ability to detect and correct energetic sensitivities to foods and the environment that might be creating symptoms in your body.  Each patient is treated individually, and so the combination of techniques is determined at the time of evaluation.  Our treatments integrate well with western medicine, chiropractic, massage therapy, occupational therapy, dental work and nutritional healing.

Google Reviews

5 Star Google Reviews

“Can’t believe how much better I feel with acupuncture. Jenn has been a life saver.”

- Michael J

Google Reviews

5 Star Google Reviews

“...Nothing worked, not even pain meds … Finally, I said let me go to AWS … I’m now pain free and traveling and doing all the things I want to do. I’m careful and continue to go to AWS. No drugs...No surgery...”

- Carl S