Shoulder Pain

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Swelling, damage, or bone changes around the rotator cuff in your shoulder can cause pain that puts a kink in the activities of your life. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that attach to the bones of your shoulder joint. The group allows your shoulder to move and keep it stable. The most common cause of shoulder pain is when rotator cuff tendons become inflamed or trapped in your shoulder.

Symptoms can vary significantly for shoulder pain depending on each person and the extent of their shoulder pain. Common symptoms experienced by most people are warmth or redness in your shoulder, neck pain, arm pain, or back pain, a clicking, popping, or grinding sensation when you move your arm, swelling and tenderness. With our acupuncture treatments, we relax the nervous system while improving energy and blood flow.

At Acupuncture Wellness Services, we use a combination of modalities and techniques to regulate the flow of energy in the body to achieve outstanding results.  The extensive training and experience of our practitioners enables them to successfully blend time-tested and ancient treatment protocols with modern and sophisticated therapies.  One of the greatest benefits of our procedure is the ability to detect and correct energetic sensitivities to foods and the environment that might be creating symptoms in your body.  Each patient is treated individually, and so the combination of techniques is determined at the time of evaluation.  Our treatments integrate well with western medicine, chiropractic, massage therapy, occupational therapy, dental work and nutritional healing.

Google Reviews

5 Star Google Reviews

“I still go for treatment, except now for a shoulder impingement too and I'm excited for the help I'm getting. I couldn't advocate enough for how great the people here are and the treatment they provide. If you're hesitant, believe me, no one was more so than I was. It works!!!!”

- Chris K

Google Reviews

5 Star Google Reviews

“I went to the office with really bad shoulder pain that I had for quite a while…she definitely helped get rid of the constant inflammation which was my initial goal.”

- Jay S